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My name is Ginger Hohm. I am in charge of sales, videography and post-production. My business partner, Tim, is also my husband and an incredible photographer and videographer. The final member of our team is our trusted cockapoo, Mojo. We love him so much we decided to name the company after him.


At Mojo Video Solutions we are intentional about keeping life simple. Our goal is to keep our overhead expenses low and pass the savings onto you. You can be confident we will provide a professional product at a price that won't gouge your bottomline. And because we love what we do, you also receive personalized customer service through every step of the process.


"We focus on you, so the world can focus on your message."


Mojo is our fur baby! He was born August 1, 2012. He keeps us entertained and is great at welcoming us home and greeting our clients when they arrive.


He spends his day sleeping at my feet, chasing squirrels and taking long walks in the park.

Tim is my best friend.  He is an important element here at Mojo Video. I can't begin to express how incredibly satisfying it has been to share my life with him and to have him work alongside me daily.

Tim spends his spare time keeping up with technology. If it has a button or a battery, he knows about it. He also has a fascination for space exploration and all things pertaining to the Beatles.